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  • Little diva - Pastel painting

    A warm painting with it's autumnal colour scheme gives a glow to this humble chicken. Sold framed (Antique white wood grained) Size 62.5x47cm

  • New day - Pastel painting

    This painting has a calming effect with it's blue and green hues.

  • Sitting pretty - Pastel painting

    A painting that has a homely feel. Sold framed (Antique white wood grained) Size 52x36cm

  • Safe - Pastel painting

    A wonderful painting of a Yorkshire Terrier safely tucked up in his bed.

  • Beautiful Giants - Acrylic on canvas

    Original sold - Prints available An atmospheric piece with it's grey/blue and sienna colour palette.

  • Cooling off - Pastel painting

    With it's cool and vibrant green and blue hues this painting makes a real impact.

  • Waiting - Pastel painting

    Original sold - Prints available This painting has a contemporary feel.

  • Alone - Watercolour painting

    This modern painting has a calming vibe, an understated piece of art that gives a sense of peace.

  • Bask - Watercolour painting

    This quirky painting will put a smile on anyone's face.

  • Fetch - Pastel painting

    This portrait of a Labrador has been created with blues which creates a calmness.

  • Night watchman - Pastel painting

    This painting has an elegance that shows off this majestic bird.

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